Safety Tips

How to keep yourself safe, both online and offline.

Our goal with TwoBe is to create the safest environment for online dating using an entirely new approach where connections are made based on ‘live profiles’ as well as meaningful personality insights. Incorporating rigorous user verification, ensuring profiles match reality and demanding user information is complete and inaccurate, we aim to remove risks and bring confidence, safety and trust to users.

To carry that security into the real world, here are some things we suggest you do to help create a safer dating atmosphere:

Carefully vet the person you are planning to meet. Take the time to get to know them properly, staying on the platform for the initial stages before moving on to external communication apps. Ask for the person’s last name, and do some homework to find out more about them. 

Don’t rush into a first date. If they are the right person for you, there shouldn’t be any hurry. Encourage open conversation between yourself and your match, take this time to know them better.

Before a physical meeting, offer to have a video or audio call. If they hesitate, consider whether the person is right for you. We always encourage you to engage in a video / audio call before taking the decision to meet in person.

Don’t give your mobile number or too much information about yourself too early. You should be mindful of sharing information if you’ve just matched, and we encourage you to refrain from sharing sensitive information such as your social security number, mobile, or home / work address until you are sure that they can be trusted. 

Do not share money or financial information if asked; be wary of the possibility that it could be a scam to get money from users. If someone asks you to give them money, get in touch with us immediately.

If someone is making you uncomfortable, or exhibits any other concerning behaviour, please report them to us and we will investigate on your behalf. VOXY has a strict no tolerance policy for harassment, violent behaviour and hate speech.

Always meet in a public place. Your safety is paramount, so ensure that you have access to transportation, or a waitstaff to help you out. Keep your mobile phone on your person, fully charged, at all times. If you are being pressured into going to a private location, end the date.

Inform someone you know when you are meeting with them; tell a family member or friend where you’re going and what time you will re-contact with them. 

If things are not going well, make sure you have options to leave safely. Make sure there is public transportation available, or if a friend can come pick you up. Enlist the help of those around you such as the waiter, bar staff or fellow diners.

If you do not enjoy your meeting, do not hesitate to end the date. Show compassion and kindness, but remain firm to your feelings.

With over 50 million people dating online today, we must continually apply caution when meeting new people. As a result, safety will always be TwoBe’s primary objective. Through our unique registration process and user vetting, plus your vigilance and attention, we can together significantly reduce risks and make a better and safer dating environment for all.


© TwoBe 2021, All Rights Reserved
© TwoBe 2021, All Rights Reserved